Peace / Tranquility

     " One day we must come to see that peace is not merely a distant goal we seek,
      but that it is a means by which we arrive at that goal. We must pursue peaceful
      ends through peaceful means. "  Martin Luther King, Jr.:
                       ' Peace Out '

     The Earthy tones of Swarovski
  Lt. Sapphire Cosmo Jet  8mm rounded
  Bi cones,
Emerald 8mm bi cones and
 Jonquil 4mm cubes are beautifully   
  accecnted by  Gold Vermeil bead caps,     
    star  Heishi's and a Gold Vermeil clasp

7 1/2 inches   

 $ 22.50
            ' Peace of
Mind '

 Swarovski 6mm Erinite Bi cones,
Cobalt Bi Cones, 6mm
Pacific Opal Cubes, 8mm Rose
rounds with Vermeil spacers,
bead caps and clasp finish off
this bracelet.

7 1/2 inches  

$ 15.25
               If you would like to purchase a bracelet in a size not shown, contact me
              and I will gladly make to fit your wrist. Please, be aware that any custom
              sizes that are larger then the shown bracelets will incur a price increase.
              While, a smaller fit will decrease the price of the bracelet.
Conscious Color