The Peace / Tranquility Bracelets,
links to the other Sobriety/Recovery, Friendship, and
Imagination Bracelets are now up.
   " Power Builder "
   7 1/2 inches, $ 15.50
Meta Physical
"Higher Realm'
8 inches, $20.25

                  Favorite colors, particular colors that compliment our skin tones,
                    colors which aid in concealing any bodily flaws we think we have,      
              colors used to create a desired ambiance, we relate signs, phrases
and feelings with color.           

   Colors act upon the body as well as the mind.

                         After researching the meaning of colors and the different ways they are
                 used, I created the " Conscious Color " line of bracelets. Each type of
                     bracelet is compiled of colors to aid or boost the positive attributes for
            colors designated for that specific emotion, need or relationship.
                        Each " Conscious Color" bracelet is made solely of Swarovski Crystal
                 is either complimented by Sterling Silver or Gold Vermeil beads
and clasps.
      Conscious  Color